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Louro Preto
Species profile
The heartwood of Louro Preto is very variable in color from light yellow to brown with irregular darker zones and spots. Sometimes ingrown bark or small knots can be found. The sapwood is greyish to yellowish white and normally it can be distinguished easily. The wood has a remarkable lustre and pleasant smell. The grain is mainly straight but sometimes wavy or interlocked. The texture is medium fine and results in the typical nice appearance of Louro preto.

Machining of Louro preto is easy, resulting in a nice and smooth surface. Hard metal tools are advised, but not necessary. There could be a small blunting effect on the tools. Pre-drilling is recommended. Louro preto could be finished with standard wood coatings, but we advise to use oil/stain products for cladding. There is not much experience with gluing, but initial tests for lamination are showing good results. Wood till a thickness of 33 mm dries quickly, but thicker sizes are very difficult to dry defect-free.

The special texture, colour variation and lustre makes Louro preto a popular species in the European market and it is often used in building projects for cladding and decking. In addition, it is also used for children’s playground equipment, garden timber and park benches.

(Description and species picture by Precious Woods)

Family:BORAGINACEAE (angiosperm)
Origin:South and Central America
Local and common name(s)
Louro preto,
Scientific name(s)
Cordia spp., Cordia megalantha, Cordia glabrata,
Typical use
Commercial restriction:No commercial restriction
IUCN Red List status:
Interlocked Grain:
Typical colour:Yellow Brown
Physical description
Crushing strength:Generated From Template
Specific Gravity (at 12% MC):Generated From Template
Static bending strength:Generated From Template
Dry wood borers:
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Louro Preto