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Uchi Torrado
Species profile
The heartwood of Uchi torrado has a greyish brown to red brown colour. The juvenile wood is a bit lighter and more greyish brown. The sapwood can easily be distinguished. The grain is straight, sometimes irregular or interlocked. The grain is medium coarse.

Machining can be done well, despite the high density, and resulting in a smooth surface. Pre-drilling is recommended. The finishing isreported to be good. Regarding the gluing, only a little experience is available. Drying goes moderately quickly, but is difficult because of the tendency to checking and warping.

This Massaranduba-like species is more and more used for exterior applications because of the good mechanical properties and the availability of heavy dimensions. It is used for example for bridges, jetties, boardwalks, stairs, sound barriers and poles.

(Description and species picture by Precious Woods)

Origin:South and Central America
Local and common name(s)
Scientific name(s)
Sacoglottis guianensis, Vantanea parviflora,
Typical use
Bridges (Parts not in contact with water or ground), Poles, Heavy carpentry, Exterior panelling,
Commercial restriction:No commercial restriction
IUCN Red List status:
Grain:Straigth or interlocked
Interlocked Grain:
Sapwood:Clearly demarcated
Typical colour:Red Brown
Physical description
Crushing strength:-
Specific Gravity (at 12% MC):950 kg/m3
Static bending strength:-
Durability according to ENV 807 (with soil contact) Heartwood class is 2, juvenile wood class 3

Dry wood borers:
Fungi:Class 2 - Durable
Comparable species
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Uchi Torrado