Species: Louro Faia

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Louro Faia
Species profile
The large trees attain diameters up to 110 cm and heights up to 40 m. The clear bole length is about 18-24 m long.

The heartwood is brown to reddish brown sometimes with a little pinkish shade. Very remarkable is the decorative silver figure. It shows a pattern of small spots on the quarter sawn surface. The sapwood is a few cm wide and easy to distinguish. Freshly sawn timber has an unpleasant smell, which disappears completely over time. The grain is straight, sometimes irregular. Louro faia has a
resin content.

Machining goes well, with a fairly smooth surface. Pre-drilling is recommended. Positive experience with finishing and gluing for interior uses are available. The timber dries relatively easy with few defects.

Louro faia is used for a wide range of applications:
• Interior: e.g. flooring, furniture, carpentry, exclusive yacht interiors, inlays
• Exterior: e.g. decking, poles, sheet piling, constructions, garden fences

(Description and species picture by Precious Woods)

Family:PROTEACEAE (angiosperm)
Origin:South and Central America
Local and common name(s)
Leopardwood, Lacewood, Brazilian lacewood, Leopard,
Scientific name(s)
Roupala brasiliensis,
Typical use
Commercial restriction:
IUCN Red List status:
Interlocked Grain:
Typical colour:Red Brown
Physical description
Crushing strength:-
Specific Gravity (at 12% MC):0,95
Static bending strength:-
Dry wood borers:
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Louro Faia