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Demand for wood is steadily increasing worldwide in conjunction with population growth and concomitant economic development.

How can timber production be tailored to future needs? Efficient non-consumptive use of tropical and Mediterranean forest products should be promoted to meet this challenge within the framework of the sustainable development of natural or planted forest areas.

In the framework of its Research & Development activities on forest products, the Research Unit BioWooEB (Biomass, Wood, Energy, Bioproducts) supports operators in the timber subsector—small-scale units, SMEs, and large enterprises— through research, development, training and technology transfer initiatives, thus strengthening their competitiveness by enhancing their:

• Knowledge of wood and wood products
• Control of adapted technological processes
• Awareness of domestic, national and world market requirements.

The Research Unit is comprised of 36 technicians and researchers, including 8 located overseas, plus PhD students and post-doc researchers.

42, rue Scheffer
75116 Paris
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