Cases: Flooring, Ørestadens Gymnasium

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Flooring, Ørestadens Gymnasium
The floors at Oerestadens Gymnasium, a public high school teaching more than 1000 teenagers near Copenhagen have been renovated and the previous linoleum flooring was replaced with a new wooden surface.

The species used for the project is Mandioqueira known for its typical pinkish brown color when new or kept with oil. This species is typically used for a wide spectrum of projects including open boats and wood frame house but was in this case used for indoor flooring due to its durability
Case details
Place of construction:Ørestaden
Constructed by:
Designed by:3XN
Project owned by:Universitets- og Bygningsstyrelsen, Københavns Ejendomme
Wood supplied by:Tracer
FSC License Code:FSC C007701
Species used
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Flooring, Ørestadens Gymnasium