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Bridges from
The Danish company specializes in bridges made from FSC-certified hardwood. The bridges are built from a great variety of wood species strategically placed in the structures based on each species properties.

The bridges often consist of wooden girders were different species are glued and bolted together in layers. The parts of the girder that are subjected to the highest pressure, is made of extra strong wood such as Okan, Karri, Angelim Vermelho, Sapucaia, Piquia Marfin, whilst other parts less challenged is filled in with species of a lower strength class such as Cubiuba, Bilinga, Guariuba and Piquia.

Before assembly the structure is added a brown oil to ensure a uniform expression.

For decking Angelim Vermelho, Okan and Iroko is the most normal choice and species such as Muiracatiara and Purpleheart is often seen used as handrails.
Case details
Place of construction:Varius
Project owned by:Varius
Wood supplied by:Varius
FSC License Code:FSC-C103630
Species used
Angelim Vermelho, Muiracatiara / Tigerwood, Okan / Denya, Piquiarana / Piquia, Piquia Marfin, Purpleheart, Cubiuba, Bilinga, Guariuba Karri etc.
Types of use
Bridges (Parts not in contact with water or ground), Decking , Heavy carpentry, Glued laminated
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