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Headboard from Bovalls
Headboards from the Swedish producer Bovalls Dörrbyggeri is made in Freijo.

The headbords consists of a solid frame and spaced panels are laid with caulking in the exact same way as you see it on a boat deck. As decoration there is a solid wood inlay in ash and walnut laid in the shape of a compass rose. The headboard is oiled once.

Headboards are made in according to customer specifications.
Case details
Place of construction:Bovallstrand
Constructed by:Bovalls Dörrbyggeri
Designed by:Inger Gustafsson
Project owned by:Bovalls Dörrbyggeri
Wood supplied by:Keflico and Kärnsund Wood Link
FSC License Code:FSC-C018657
Species used
Types of use
Cabinetwork (high class furniture), Light carpentry, Interior panelling, Furniture or furniture components
Headboard from Bovalls