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Dudok tribune Hilversum
This iconic stand on Gemeentelijk Sportpark Hilversum was build in 1920 as part of a bigger sports complex that was later used in the Olympic Games held in Amsterdam in 1928. The sports complex was designed by the modernist architect. He later became City Architect for the town of Hilversum

With its characteristic wooden stand, geometrical decorations and bright accent colours, the Dudok tribune in Hilversum is one of the oldest still existing stands in the Netherlands. By the year of 2010, the original monumental stand has been completely renovated and FSC-certified wood is used in several places, thus the tribune is composed in sustainable high quality wood.

To restore the old wooden construction, the well-known Cumaru species has been used. However, lesser known species have been used as well. To restore the decking and the construction under the seats Uchi Torrado was chosen because of its good mechanical properties and availability of heavy dimensions. The species Sapupira was used for the wooden construction above the floor and under the seats, while the special profile cladding is constructed in Sucupira Amarela.
Case details
Place of construction:Gemeentelijk Sportpark Hilversum
Constructed by:Mokveld Bouw
Designed by:Van Hoogevest Architects
Project owned by:
Wood supplied by:Precious Woods
FSC License Code:FSC-C004141
Species used
Types of use
Exterior panelling, Exterior joinery, Decking , Heavy carpentry
Dudok tribune Hilversum Dudok tribune Hilversum Dudok tribune Hilversum Dudok tribune Hilversum Dudok tribune Hilversum