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Fence posts - Insultimber®
The Danish company Poda A/S (Poda Hegn) sells and install FSC certified fences throughout Scandinavia. The core business is fences for the agricultural and forest sector. Since the 70s one of their best selling solutions has been electrical fences with fence posts made from what they call Insultimber®.

The name ‘Insultimber®’ refers to the fact that the wood does not conduct electricity and therefore plastic or porcelain insulators are not needed and the wire can be mounted directly on the post.

Insultimber® was originally made from Australian Eucalyptus, chosen for its ability to avoid absorption of moisture from the ground. Other species with similar properties have since replaced it. At first Massaranduba was used and later to Angelim Vermelho, because the price of Massaranduba was rising. Okan has also been used successfully.

The species share key qualities, that make them ideal for fences. They must have a very high crushing and static bending strength, a straight grain and a great durability in regards to rot due to its contact with the ground. Typically an Insultimber® post lasts for more than 25 years.
Case details
Place of construction:Roskilde
Constructed by:Poda A/S
Designed by:Poda A/S
Project owned by:Poda A/S
Wood supplied by:
FSC License Code:FSC-C006739
Species used
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Fence posts - Insultimber® Fence posts - Insultimber® Fence posts - Insultimber®