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Kop van Lombok - Apartments
After 17 years of planning and construction the Buenos Aires building of Kop Lombok was finally finished in 2014. The modern gray facade is designed to blend in well with the industrial buildings traditionally connected with the area. Behind this facade, however, is a recreational courtyard for the residents.

The courtyard is beautifully designed and dominated by tropical hardwoods, which creates a nice contrast to the bricks of the facade. According to the architect the extensive use of wood is meant to contribute to a “warm and homey feeling”. Al this is constructed in a mix of FSC certified Azobé and Bilinga.
Case details
Place of construction:
Constructed by:Ingenieursburo van Nunen B.V., Rosmalen
Designed by:Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists
Project owned by:Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling, Regio Midden, Amersfoort
Wood supplied by:Wijma Kampen B.V.
FSC License Code:FSC-C006461
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Kop van Lombok - Apartments