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Wooden guardrail
This wooden guardrail is constructed near Oss (NL) in 2013

The wooden barrier is an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly alternative for the unexciting guardrail system. It serves as an alternative for the steel barrier with an attractive look which fits in well with ecologically protected areas with wildlife overpasses. Due to its aesthetic look and use of sustainable materials, the wooden guardrail won a national construction award in 2005.

The wooden guardrail is tested in accordance with applicable standards to withstand impact of a collision.

For the construction components Azobé is deployed and the curved pieces are made of Angelim Vermelho.
Case details
Place of construction:
Constructed by:Wijma Kampen B.V. and Ballast Nedam Infra Specialiteiten Leerdam
Designed by:Wijma Kampen B.V.
Project owned by:PRON 329 (bouwcombinatie)
Wood supplied by:Wijma Kampen B.V.
FSC License Code:FSC-C006461
Species used
Types of use
Heavy carpentry
Wooden guardrail Wooden guardrail Wooden guardrail Wooden guardrail