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HSB houses in Hoofddorp
These houses, finished in 2004, are part of a new neighborhood in the Dutch city Hoofddorp. In this part of the development, timber-framed houses were constructed for the low and middle-price sectors. The primary advantage of this method of building is the high level of prefabrication it allows and therefore, the much shorter on-site construction time. Each week four dwellings were assembled and sealed to the elements.

By constructing several houses with a cantilever of more than 5m, it is made possible to park cars underneath, thus greatly reducing their visual impact on the island. Furthermore, all storage spaces are located inside the individual house.

The four tropical hardwood species Louro Vermelho, Louro Preto, Mandioqueira and Sucupira Vermelho have been applied in an open building front. This results in maximum ventilation, thereby expanding the lifespan and getting optimal discoloration. All the wood used for the project is FSC certified.
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Place of construction:
Constructed by:Bam Amsterdam
Designed by:Search BV
Project owned by:
Wood supplied by:Precious Woods
FSC License Code:FSC-C004141
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HSB houses in Hoofddorp HSB houses in Hoofddorp HSB houses in Hoofddorp HSB houses in Hoofddorp HSB houses in Hoofddorp