Cases: Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments

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Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments
This remarkable housing complex was completed as part of a major wave of redevelopment in the post-war neighbourhood of Corpus den Hoorn in Groningen.

Architects from MASSA bureau voor architectuur have designed the series of single-family homes entitled “Flexwonen” (Flex-living) in which the house owners have a lot of freedom in determining the layout of the interior layouts.

The characteristic wooden facades consists of a cladding made from FSC-certified Louro Preto.
Case details
Place of construction:
Constructed by:Noppert
Designed by:Massa bureau voor Architectuur Rotterdam
Project owned by:
Wood supplied by:Precious Woods
FSC License Code:FSC-C004141
Species used
Types of use
Exterior panelling
Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments