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Water villas Rietvelden
In 2005 eight water villas was constructed in Ypenburg. The design revolves around the longhouse, a housing typology with a rich history in many cultures.

The villas are positioned at the ends of piers overlooking the local lake.They are entirely made out of wood, except for the window frames. However, even these few non-wood parts are designed to compliment the wooden structure.

Each villa is surrounded by large wooden terraces giving a nice view of the lake. Louro Preto is used for cladding and Freijo (Louro Amarelo) is used for decking.
Case details
City:Den Haag
Place of construction:Ypenburg
Constructed by:Formaatbouw BV
Designed by:MVRDV architects
Project owned by:Amvest Vastgoed
Wood supplied by:Precious Woods
FSC License Code:FSC-C004141
Species used
Types of use
Decking , Exterior panelling
Water villas Rietvelden Water villas Rietvelden Water villas Rietvelden