Cases: Family apartments "Sundholm Syd"

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Family apartments "Sundholm Syd"
This living project, finished in 2015, consists of six blocks of apartments, totalling 48 apartments of 80 to 130 m2.

The rent for these apartments is lower than usual. In return, the residents commit themselves to making an effort in the maintenance of the buildings and the outdoor areas.

For the terraces, the owner did not want pressure impregnated wood to be used. Instead, the tropical species Tali was applied. Tali was chosen due to its durability and wearability.

Photo: Jesper Blæsild
Case details
Place of construction:Sundholm Syd
Constructed by:Enemærke & Petersen A/S - Scandibyg A/S
Designed by:AI a/s
Project owned by:BygherreBoligforeningen 3B
Wood supplied by:Global Timber
FSC License Code:FSC-C018269
Species used
Types of use
Family apartments "Sundholm Syd" Family apartments "Sundholm Syd"