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WWF Headquarters (NL)
In 2007 the renovation of the WWF headquarters in the Netherlands was finished. You can hardly recognize the old building - the facade used to be just bare, gray concrete, but is now covered in welcoming natural materials.

The wood used for the project is all FSC certified and the building generally lives up to a very high standard of sustainability.

In front of the building’s large windows wooden lamellas are installed which ensures efficient isolation and heat resistance. Indoor window and door frames are constructed in Tatajuba.
Case details
Place of construction:Driebergseweg 10 - 3708 JB Zeist
Constructed by:
Designed by:RAU Architects
Project owned by:WWF Netherlands
Wood supplied by:Geveltim Houtimport BV (Company no longer exists)
FSC License Code:FSC-C021515 (terminated)
Species used
Types of use
WWF Headquarters (NL) WWF Headquarters (NL)