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Bridge crossing in Vejle
This wooden bridge is crossing a small river in the city of Vejle and it is located next to five cylindrical residential towers called the “Five Sisters”. These 13-floor buildings is towering up in this water rich area as part of Vejle Municipality's vision of a unique, coherent district called “Åbyen” (The creek city).

Alongside the creek is established bridges, rockeries and plantings, creating a beautiful parklike landscape blending in well with the natural surroundings of the river valley. The bridge offers a transition between the inner city and the more open lands around the river valley and is daily used by pedestrians and bikers.

For the bridge four different FSC certified timber species were used. For the lower part of the construction Angelim Vermelho was used, Mandioquiera for the balusters. More common species is also used such as Jatoba there is used for handrails and Azobe is used for the deck.
Case details
Place of construction:Vestre Engvej/Boulevarden, 7100 Vejle
Constructed by:
Designed by:Arkitema Urban Design
Project owned by:NCC
Wood supplied by:Tracer
FSC License Code:FSC-C007701
Species used
Types of use
Bridges (Parts in contact with water or ground), Bridges (Parts not in contact with water or ground), Decking , Hydraulic works (fresh water), Heavy carpentry
Bridge crossing in Vejle Bridge crossing in Vejle Bridge crossing in Vejle