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Welcome to our example collection module!

We need your help in building the world’s largest database of practical examples of the use of lesser-known tropical timber species (LKTS). We are using the form below to collect examples from a broad range of wood users, such as designers, architects, businesses and project owners.

We will combine this input with the latest validated data on lesser-known timber species from world-renowned research institutions.

The purpose is to inspire others to use a broader selection of timber species. Our intention is to promote responsible forest management in the tropics and generate income from forest products in a broader range of communities.

Your project is welcome too!

If you have ever contributed to creating something in FSC® -certified lesser-known timber species, this database is your opportunity to promote your work with LKTS or the LKTS species you carry.

You are welcome to upload multiple examples.

When submitting examples, please remember that the website focuses on lesser known timber species and only examples based on FSC-certified wood will be accepted. Each example will be evaluated based on these two criteria. If they are not met, we will not be able to include your example in our database.

Please complete this form with a clear description and other details of the product/project. Remember to upload high-resolution images on the next page.

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